Food toxins: Coal tar dyes in all artificial flavor, soft drinks, cosmetics and even many medicines cause cancer. Food additives like MSG, VHT, VHA, DES have labels displayed as SAFE but actually they are not, but only toxic poisons.

DES (Diethylstilbestrol) causes cancer of uterus, breast etc.

Nitrosomines cause cancer of liver, Stomach, brain, gall bladder, kidney etc. Dr. William Lijinsky of Nebraska University has observed this.

Asbestos, nickel and radioactive minerals may induce cancer.

Antibiotics like penicillin, pain killer like aspirin, butazolidin and other drugs like tofranil, topazole, methotrexae, and anti histamines are all carcinogenic and enter the body as slow poisons and have to be flushed out by Panchkarma procedures.


Physio-pathological purification that can remove the toxins from DNA level, system levels like cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal deep and superficial impurities, have to be flushed out.

Research Studies conducted under the divine guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji and under supervision of research team including modern medicine and Ayurvedic experts in Europe and United State have observed that lipiolitic toxins like LDL and HDL Cholesterol have been found to have fallen considerably by Panchkarma eliminating and flushing procedures. Other cardiovascular, risk factors at intestinal peptide levels, blood pressure have also been brought down to normalcy. Further, in AIDS and malignancy cases it was found that the immune system products can modulate nervous system functions and that neurotransmitter of autonomic nervous system may have immune modulatory effect.

Balanced mental functioning can be regulated by Transcendental Meditation leading to development of higher states of consciousness.

Further it has been found that physiologically oriented measures operate directly on body but indirectly influence the mind and nervous system through interaction of the neuro endocryne immune system and autonomous nervous system due to concentration by Panchkarma detoxification methods & TM-Siddhi program.