The word Veda means “Knowledge”. It is the awareness of body with its complete knowledge of 8 wings of medicine, surgery, pediatrics, Geriatrics, toxicology, gynecology and para-psychology.

Ayurveda is formed by 2 word Ayu + Veda

Ayu is the protoplasmic life and Veda is the knowledge about the life and its presentation through adopting natural laws are the means of good health. It is an art and science of life leading to good health, Ayurveda is a fashion of healthy living in term of food, sleep and elimination.

The health hygiene principals of food, sleep and austerity in life are the fundamental laws of leading to a healthy long life.

Ayurveda teaches the simple principals of early to bed and early to rise i.e. to get up in the early morning in Brahma Muhurta, to clean by brushing the teeth, cleaning the body by elimination of wasteful matter, taking daily oil massage, cleaning the body by bath, putting on clean clothing and other means of safety of health.

The aim of Ayurveda is to keep the three body humours of Doshas in normal state resulting is normalcy of seven basic tissues of sapta dhatus, and also simple diet of balanced six rasa got through balanced combination of Pancha Mahabhutas of which our body is composed of.