Maharishi Vedic Health Care system is a revival of the most ancient, authentic, scientific and complete systems of natural and Vedic health care. It is based on and illuminates the central importance of the mind-body and consciousness-physiology relationship for health and provides with a wide range of time-tested practical techniques to enliven powerful natural healing responses in both mind and body. For fifty years, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and, under his divine guidance, the world’s foremost Ayurvedic physicians have worked together to revive this most ancient knowledge of natural health care.

Many modern medicine doctors around the world are now convinced of the in-depth knowledge and power of Maharishi Vedic Health Care, which sees perfect health as man’s natural state, and recognises no limits to the healing potential inherent in the human organism.

‘Ayurveda' which means, the ‘science of life’ comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, and has enjoyed a continuous tradition of clinical practice over thousands of years. Unfortunately, most Ayurvedic physicians today use only a very limited range of this system’s complete and full values of knowledge. Over the past decades, however, Ayurveda has been restored to its former completeness in a global effort inspired and led by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi Vedic Health Care is prevention-oriented, free from harmful side-effects and capable of treating disease at its source. It can legitimately claim to be both scientific and truly holistic, employing several systematic approaches to health from the angles of mind, body, behaviour and environment. Maharishi Vedic Health Care therapies do not conflict with either conventional or complementary methods, so they can be successfully introduced alongside other systems of healing.

To complement and supplement Ayurveda and to make it more and more perfect His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi out of compassion and kindness towards ailing mankind, developed consciousness based, environmental and behavior treatment programmes, to ensure the individual and collective health of the mind and body of everyone, everywhere. For the good of humanity all over world this programme cuts through the narrow geopolitical barriers and enlivens peace, prosperity and harmonious development of world family.

The Maharishi Vedic Health Care system is designed to secure perfect collective health for the present age and all future time to come. This is a very unique and a very special feature of Maharishi Health Care, perhaps for the first time in the present age in human history; to create a society free from the chains and bonds of diseases, to create a society, a state, a country and the whole world free from suffering to the full sun shine of the age of enlightenment – heaven on earth.

The fundamental principles re-discovered, elucidated and offered by Maharishi are based in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. These in turn are based on the philosophy of Nyaya, Vaishesha, Sankhya, Vedanta etc, dealing with the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas principles of evolution, of Ajeyta- the invincibility, mahat the sense of mind and Ahamkara -the ego, Pancha Tanmatra- the subtle elements, panch mahabhootas, the 5 gross elements and 11 organs of senses and action.

With the discovery of the eternally sung unified field of natural law, the field of pure subjectively, the Veda, by modern science through its objective approach, the ancient system of Ayurveda is being re-vitalised and energized, opening flood gates for individual and collective health.

According to Maharishi Vedic Health Care, the origin of all aspects of existence–mental and physical is the field of pure intelligence or pure consciousness. Although unusual at first sight, this view is remarkably parallel to the position that modem science has now reached. The latest theories of quantum physics locate the basis of the physical universe in a single unified field, the properties of which are identical to those of intelligence. In biology, the package of intelligence we call genetic information is known to underlie and govern the development and maintenance of the entire physiology.

The most important among the methods of Maharishi Vedic Health Care is the simple and natural technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM), which allows the conscious mind–human intelligence to identify itself with its source in nature’s intelligence. This ensures that a nourishing, healing influence is always generated through the mind-body connection.

On the physical level, Ayurveda describes the body in terms of three basic principles or ‘doshas’ – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – that underlie all bodily processes. Balance of the doshas promotes health and well-being. When imbalances in the doshas go uncorrected, illnesses result. The dominant dosha(s) in an individual determines that person’s body type, which in turn determines which diseases they are susceptible to. The Maharishi Vedic Health Care physician uses systematic methods, including pulse diagnosis, to evaluate the balance of the doshas and prescribe a health programme suited to the individual.

One of the most important aspects of Vedic Health Care is the special revitalization therapy, using the techniques traditionally known as Panchkarma. This therapy involves a combination of methods, including specific herb and oil massage techniques, heat therapies and gentle purification procedures. This deeply relaxing therapy acts by gently cleansing the body’s tissues of accumulated impurities. These impurities prevent the free flow of intelligence in the body by obstructing channels of circulation and communication. Research has shown that this procedure does actually reverse age-regulated deteriorations in physical functioning and has confirmed its value for both physical and mental health.

Revitalization therapy holds great hope for the prevention of many serious illnesses of middle and later life. We often forget that conditions such as cancer, heart disease and various degenerative disorders do not crop up overnight. They are usually the result of years of gradually accumulating imbalances or toxic and waste materials in the body – accumulations that can be effectively and thoroughly prevented by regular Panchkarma treatments.