• To stop ageing without or with age.
  • To de-toxicate the body by elimination accumulator toxins for environment, food, air, water.
  • To enhance the defense mechanism of body at the cellular level.
  • To ward off diseases if at all occur in the body.
  • To energize by recharge of the tissue metabolic activity, and to maintain the natural capacity of fighting disease.
  • To rejuvenate through herbal decoction, herbal juices, pure food and other rasayana medication.
  • To remove imbalance and restore balance in natural tri-humours method of controlling all body functions, 7 elemental tissues of Rasa, Rakta, Mams,etc.

Kayakalpa is the therapy consisting of elimination of all the morbid matter by external oleation and sudation followed by intra corporeal depuration.

By giving Vedic systematic holistic treatment-Kayakalpa body, mind and soul come into harmonious combination.