Pradhan Karma Procedure

Post by: MVHC | 2021-04-01

Vaman or Induced EmesisThe flushing out of the doshas by the oral route by giving herbs that induce vomiting is called Vaman.

The benefits of vomiting By flushing out Kapha Dosha the lungs congestion is removed and patients gets relieved from asthma, kaph, cold, indigestion, swelling, and edema.

Restriction in giving vomiting treatment :Persons suffering from or recently experiencing hemoptesis, emaciation, excess fatigue, thirst and hunger, sexual intercourse, weight lifting, heavy physical exercise, worrisome mind, bleeding, continuous vomiting and who have been treated with Niruh and Anuwasan Basti should not take vaman treatment. Also heart patients should not be given this emetic treatment.